I am part of a critique group called Shadowline Artist Group which meets every month or so.  We have decided to incorporate a “salon” type element to the group and share both long and short term goals.
One of our members, Donna Orti, did a little research on goals which are listed below.   I found these thoughts so simple and straightforward, I feel they border on being brilliant!   
1.  In order for a goal to be effective, it must effect change.
2.  Realistic goals are beyond your grasp but within your reach. 
3.  Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
4.  and my favorite – A goal without a deadline is a wish!
With these thoughts fresh in our minds, we went around the room and discussed our goals.   The goals were as varied as finishing a series, finding a regional gallery to developing a website.  There was talk about simplfying, finding focus, and organizing.
With hearing everybody’s goals, I was inspired enough to put my initial goals on paper.  So here goes!
I want to get in the habit of blogging.   I haven’t been blogging regularly, in fact, I had to stop and think about what my password was for my blog today!!!!!  I don’t want to just write about my work, but I want to write about the books I’ve read and the movies/documentaries I’ve seen that are relevant to my artwork.
I need to organize my collage material – and I want that finished by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  I will be off work for 5 full days over Thanksgiving – and I don’t have alot of commitments.   So – I’m looking forward to a very productive long weekend to get myself organized.
I also want to send out my electronic newsletter within the next 2 weeks.   I haven’t sent one since the summer – and it is time I send another one out.   My last show of the year will be the first weekend of December, so I want to get it out prior to then.
Over the longterm – I want to work on my online presence and expand my mailing list.
I plan on experimenting more and working on a new series.   I’m toying with an idea about destruction and beauty  – – – going to work on making this more than a vague idea in my head!
Because I am in two galleries in town, as well as a shop in Vinings I have decided to get away from festivals.   After much soul searching, I have decided Atlanta is just too “festival crazy” – there are weekends where there are as many as four or five festivals.   The market is just too deluted.  So –  I’m going to choose my venues more carefully.   I feel I am at a point in my art-career where the company I keep is important.   I no longer want to show my work at events that have buy/sell or substandard work.
In the other aspects of my life, I want to get on a strict budget.   I want to eat healthier and work out more.   I want to de-clutter my life, my homes, my wardrobe and my head!!!!   
So – here’s to my goals.   I will refine these by the end of the year and have a good list of goals that I am going to hold myself accountable too!

3 thoughts on “SETTING GOALS

  1. Vickie

    Carroll – where did you see it posted? I'm not sure which one it is…. but I have plenty of dress paintings and 24×30 would run around $300 I believe. I'm hope 12-23 through 1/3. Inside Out Accessories in VInings Jubilee and Emerging Art Scene in Castleberry has quite a few of them too.

  2. Vickie

    i think i know which one you meant now – it was at Inside Out Accessories and sold for $850. Sorry I misspoke – but I have more, but I dn't think i have another one with a collaged background right now – you are welcome to come see them

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