About Vickie



Vickie’s art has been described as a dance of shapes, rhythms and textures. Being the daughter and grand-daughter of piano tuners, using rhythm is natural for her. Collage is added using anything interesting she finds, such as dress patterns, old maps, tissue paper, produce bags and stamps to name a few. A tactile surface is created, using not only paint, but everyday household items, such as salt, coffee, tea and alcohol. The layering of all of this creates a depth, and the more you look at her work, the more unexpected things begin appearing.




Solo Show at Defoor Center, Atlanta, Ga.

The Universe has a rhythm and a pattern, being born of both order and chaos. This is the world my work comes from. I begin with an arbitrary composition. Rhythms and patterns form over each other and patterns begin to appear in different sizes. With repeated building up and rubbing off a form begins to develop. While in a responsive dialogue with the page, images appear and disappear. There is not always a beginning or an end. Small intimate details cause the images to shift and it allows a story to be told and a new world explored.



Other Facts About Vickie

  • Born in Atlanta and now lives in Decatur, Ga.
  • Gave historical tours in Atlanta, most notably the Fox Theater, which is an atmospheric theater, and the Druid Hills neighborhood, where the movie Driving Miss Daisy takes place.
  • A voracious reader, she reads on the average a minimum of two books a week (check back for book recommendations on her blog). She is also a member of four book clubs.
  • She has three dogs, Atticus, Ziggy and Ollie.
  • Her family has lived in Georgia for over 200 years.
  • She is a board member of the Women’s Caucus for Art in Georgia, chairing the book club.
  • Learned to play the piano at age five, and was the accompanist of the chorus in High School.
  • A self described learning, she has taken lessons in things from Belly Dancing to playing the Ukulele.