Come out to Piedmont Park next weekend, September 17 and 18!   I will be doing inter-active collage demonstrations throughout both days as part of Creation Station.   I will help with people to do a small 5×7 collage they can take with them as long as supplies last.   To make it simple, I have chosen four “suggested designs” and am putting together the materials for these.

The first design is a dress – and while anybody can put together any type of dress they want, I am using the following as an example.

I have included several types of paper, as well as dress patterns, paper from a player piano roll, a french book amd a few other things.  If this is a design that is chosen, this dress particular dress is just a suggestion.  Any type of dress can be done.  Embellishments can be added with thread, stamps or colored pencil.

The second design I am including is a musical piece with collage put on top of a piece of music.  Below is an example using an old recital piece of mine!

I will help people with a simpler design of this, and I have been busy busy punching out different butterflies and birds for this.   I will make copies of the actual music, as well as adding a piece of music called “Yellow Bird” and one called “Dragonfly”.   I will bring a stamp of a butterfly to use as embellishment.

The third design is much smaller.   I did a series several years ago using Tarot cards as the base.  See below for an example.

I am bring a regular pack of playing cards that can be collaged on.  I will bring some sand paper because I like to rough up the surface a bit, as well as some sequins, thread, stamps, envelopes to name a few things I used on these.  I also liked melting crayons on these!  I am bringing a stack of magazines too, so images can be found in them also.   
The fourth design is an abstract piece, using primarily white and neutral pieces of rice paper.   A sample is below:
I will also demonstrate dying paper, using Nev’r Dull on magazine pages, and layering paintings and using a blow torch to work with the layers.
So, come on out – and take home a collage that you have made!!!!!

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