I have a deadline – I was given around 4-5 weeks to complete 40 paintings in various sizes, but all in my “dress” series.  The challenge is to keep it interesting and not keep painting the same thing over and over again.   And, at the same time, to make sure they will hang well together,   
So – I have been working in groups.  Because I layer my paintings, I have some downtime.   This is one way this heat wave has helped me!   But, today it is overcast and very humid and drying time is VERY SLOW.
So, I began experimenting.   Below is  a small canvas (5×7) with a very wet red wash over several layers of paint.
Then I covered the canvas with gunpowder (rifle gunpowder BTW).
Then, I lit a match and watched it burn – of course with a spray bottle of water handy, and of course I moved anything flammable away!!!!
It easily burned with no problems, but it was exciting!
It just burned itself out – and of course, it managed to dry the canvas.   I love experimenting, but I don’t know what this experimentation with fire really says about me.  I have been kicking around some ideas about doing a series on destruction vs. beauty.   I also have a very stressful job in the advertising business, so I think this destruction and danger is a stress reliever for me.   I used to work out to relieve stress……
Well, that solved the problem of one canvas drying, but I have 14 others drying – as you can see in the next couple of photographs.
Here are 5 10×30’s that are drying  with their 2nd layer.  They have been gessoed, but now I’m adding other elements to create more texture, things such as a fondand, bubble wrap, material.   Right behind these  pieces are 10 5×7 canvases drying.
The three closest to the camera were all burned with gunpowder.   I have put medium on top of them – so they should dry quickly.   There are 7 more behind them – most of them are in their 5th or 6th layer -they are moving along.
So, now I’m waiting for the paint to dry.   I thought I’d be productive and  write this blog, but now what?   Should I clean up and run some errands, go to the grocery store and plan menus for this week, or just relax and read????   I think I’m going to relax and read, after all I am reading a book about art, so I’m not abandoning my artday totally.   Presently, I am reading STEALING REMBRANDTS: The Untold Story of Notorious Art Heists.   Few of these heists are new to me, but it is interesting  – and I’m learning alot of Rembrandt at the same time.
From this end of my table, you can see my completed pieces – yes, I stacked them up for show!   There are 4 20x24x, 12 6×6, and 12 9×12 – which I began on 7/22.   Well, actually they aren’t 100% finished, they still need the edges painted and the wires put on.   And, I want to finish everything with time to spare so I can relook at all of them and make any changes I feel necessary, and make professional looking tags for the back of them with the materials used and maybe I’ll even name them all.

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