Wow! the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I finally broke down and got a SmartPhone.  AND I committed myself to my first car payment in 21 years!  Yes, I bought a car!!!

2012 Toyota Camry

This isn’t MY CAR, but it does look very similar (and it is too dark outside to take a decent picture!)

I have joined an International Creative Accountability group online which began with fellow students from Flying Lessons, a class we took together.   Here is what I want to accomplish during the upcoming week:

  1. Because I am participating in Blogtoberfest, which is a commitment to post a blog every day in October, I want to continue this. I have only missed one day so far, and I am up to the letter “S” in the series “The A to Z’s or Art.

2.   ART-O-MAT

converted cigarette machine selling original works of art

I was accepted in this program, which refurbishes vintage cigarette machines and fills them with original pieces of art. They require 50 completed pieces of art to go in one of the machines. I have completed 40 of them, and I plan to complete the remaining 10.


I will edit these a little, and finish the remaining 10.  Then I have to label them, sign them and wrap them in cellophane.

3.  I will pick a minimum of 10 pieces I have at home to list on Etsy and make sure they have all been photographed.

4. Work on the patterns and collage to start organizing the Coolage Parties I previously blogged about.

5. Learn more about my phone (and how to get photographs off of it!) and my car

Do you have any goals for this week?   What are they?





  1. vickiemartin Post author

    haha! it takes writing it down for me – but these are all things that have been swimming in my head for awhile

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