I recently spent a weekend helping about 80 people make collages at the Atlanta Art Festival.  Also, I’m part of an online group led by the ArtBiz Coach called the Artist Conspiracy  designed to help artists take their art career to the next level.  Recently I signed up for another online class called Flying Lessons  taught by Kelly Rae Roberts.   I feel my participation in these two groups has put my mind into overdrive and I’m seeing possibilities in places I never noticed before.

I helped four college girls put together collages at the Atlanta Art Festival. As they were leaving they asked me if I ever hosted “collage parties”.   I’d never thought about it, but a seed was sown that might not have sprouted at another time in my life.  Later, several girls, ages 6-10, wanted to do a collage of a “fancy” dress.  I drew a template in the shape of the dress below and helped them pick out paper to make their personal “fancy” dress.

Needless to say, the girls were thrilled!

What else can I do? I also had several boys ask for help on a collage of a dinosaur or car.  The possibilities are endless.

Right now – ideas are coming – next step is to work out the logistics.  It is important to keep watering this seed while keeping the weeds of self doubt out!

Do you think this is a do-able idea?  Do you think it is worth pursuing?  Coolage Party is just a working title – any ideas?  



  1. Sue

    Vickie- what a fabulous idea, go for it girl. Don’t let that self doubt get in the way, your peeps are telling you what they want. Let me know if you need a helper!

  2. vickiemartin Post author

    Thank you Sue – I have a couple of ideas – one for a wedding shower too. (I edited this post this morning and changed it around a little!)

  3. Mary

    What an awesome idea! I know I for one would LOVE to go to such a party! I work with a lot of college girls and oh my goodness they would be all over this!

  4. vickiemartin Post author

    thank you all! i’m going to set up a presentation over the next several months and research spring festivals at school and buy a booth !

  5. lynn

    So very inspiring, the I love the painting of the dress. It reminds of when I was younger and use to try to sketch dress designs. What a great idea, having a collage party, so many age groups you could target, It seems like a viable idea.

  6. becky

    I LOVE this idea. I also love how helpful and generous you were with college girls and young girls. The work they produced is beautiful.

  7. Belinda Achatz

    WOW – this sounds like a fabulous idea Vickie! I love seeing the photos of your collages and thankyou for your kind comments on my page. Lets hope this seed of an idea blooms!

  8. Janine Whitling

    I see you’re just as busy as I am LOL!! How are you finding the AS course, are you getting much out of it? I did one of her courses not long ago and was a bit disappointed because she didn’t really run it, it was taken by someone else who i didn’t know and it left me feeling like i didn’t get what i signed up for. Oh well. Hopefully yours is awesome.
    ps go for it with the collage tutoring. So many people just love it and its such a wonderful medium for kids. Its so universal.But maybe wait until your courses finish or else you may have a meltdown LOL 🙂

  9. vickiemartin Post author

    Lance, I am working on copy points for a brochure and templates for the collages right now. I am demonstrating at a private school in April and plan on having them ready by then. I have talked to The Seen Gallery and a gallery in Flowery Branch about doing one there to get the ball rolling. Next step is to investigate spring and fall festivals at schools and investing in a booth to show some examples.

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