SACRED SPACES Lance Carlson’s Solo Exhibit

Sacred Spaces is the current exhibit at Georgia Perimeter College’s Clarkston Location in the lobby of the Fine Arts Building.   I really thought the work looked great in this environment.  To give some background to this work  – this is Lance’s artist statement for this:
“This series consists of ten 36″ x 56″ (approximately) pieces on paper.  The images and marks on these mixed media pieces are connected (through the artist’s mind) to spaces/places that have traditionally become associated with worship and/or are of pivotal importance to the world’s religions.  Only ten spaces are portrayed which implies that only some of the world’s religions and traditions are expressed.”
I think it works very well.   The paper is from a roll of watercolor paper and he taped the edges and put gromets in the top – a very effective way to present them.   The ten places are:
Friends Meeting House – Houston, Texas
Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
Pantheon, Rome
Acropolis, Athens
Stonehenge, Great Britain
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Ziggurate of Ur, Iraq
St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City
I was really drawn to St. Peters Basilica, as well as the Dome of the Rock.   There is a reverence, as well as a rhythm about these pieces that are difficult to explain.  I felt the work was personal and reflected Lance’s spirituality.   And the fact that Lance is an architect makes it more interesting to see his interpretations of these places.
While these ten pieces make up the core of the show, it is interspersed with some of Lance’s favorite works.   Above you see him standing in front of his favorite piece in the show.
The show will be up through February 10th.   I encourage you to check it out.  AND, I hope Lance finds another places to display these pieces because they deserve to be seen.

Lance’s work can be seen at DK Gallery on the square of Marietta.

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