I know, it seems counter-intuitive to be “grateful” for 2020, but I am. I am so grateful, in fact, that I have made this my word of the year for 2021!

Gratitude has the power to heal in tough times.

Having gratitude gives hope. 

So, what am I grateful for 2020?

  • I’m grateful to be healthy
  • I’m grateful I learned it is okay to be anxious
  • I’m grateful I have the ability to walk and breathe fresh air
  • I’m grateful I live in this neighborhood and grateful for the new friends I’ve made
  • I’m grateful that I’m a learner by nature, and therefore boredom is something that rarely happens to me
  • I never lost my sense of humor – and the following video – which is a goodbye tribute to 2020 – is proof of this!

What did I accomplish in 2020?

I painted a piano that now resides in the Art-Haus gallery in Atlanta, Ga. This was a gift from my lifelong friend that now resides in Costa Rica (it belonged to her grandfather. I am grateful I can go to the gallery weekly to play to a group of children that are part of an art-pod.

Vickie Martin teaching music to the children at Art-Haus Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.

I am grateful I had a successful solo show during the year.

Vickie celebrating in front of part of her exhibition at Art-Haus gallery, Atlanta, Ga.


I am grateful I was interviewed by Shout Out Atlanta which also resulted in TWO SALES!!! (click on below for the entire article). 

Meet Vickie Martin: mixed media artist and musician

I feel there is so much to be thankful and also so much to look forward to in 2021! I have two shows lined up in 2021, which is a good start. But that is what it is, it is a just a start!

By the way – beginning with March 29, I have walked over 1800 miles, met many new friends (especially is they have dogs!), explored many new places.

What are you thankful for from 2020???






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