I am excited about my upcoming project with the Harper Continuum Dance Theatre (click here) and the High Museum of Art. This is an experimental collaboration beween one dancer and two painters while creating two canvases made of spandex. The painting will be live and the artists and dancer will explore the connection between both movement and composition.

The event will be January 23rd at the High Museum of Art and take place in the atrium (of the original High Museum) .
How did this happen? . Heather has recently relocated to Atlanta and is starting a dance company. To begin this process and gain attention as a choreographer, she is looking for new and different ways to approach dance. She saw my website and liked the rhythm and movement in my paintings. I found the project very interesting. I searched and searched the web, but couldn’t find anything like it. So -not one to back down from a challenge, I readily agreed to be part of the project. I am happy my painting buddy and friend, Lance Carlson, is going to participate too because of his use of gesture, color and of course his speed!!!!
So, this project is exciting, and I am excited to be a part of this. But the countdown is here and we are scrambling to get organized. The High Museum has very strict rules about what materials we can use and the more we get involved the more restrictive they become. But, in the creative spirit, we are all trying out new and different mediums.
I have experimented with Tumeric, Beets, coffee and tea. Unfortunately, these materials just stained the canvas. Then I experimented with food coloring, which had much better results. Today I used shaving cream and added watercolor and food coloring and was happy with the results! Tomorrow I may try whipping cream!
So, check back and see our progress. If you have any suggestions, or know of anything like this that has been done, please leave a comment!


  1. Vickie

    Thanks!!!! I'll try the flour and water – thanks for the tip! I couldn't connect to your blog – it that the right address – because I'd love to look at it. btw – i still have a day job and probably will for a while – need the stability – the artworld is very unpredictable now! good luck in your journey!

  2. Stewart Gallery

    Yes. I have used shaving cream and food coloring before..FUN.
    My former teacher combined dance and painting.. She taught salsa,waltz and meringue to students with paint on their feet on canvas..She loves painting while dancing..

  3. vickie

    now – that is interesting – i've heard of people painting their bodies and throwing it on the canvas (farrah fawcett for one) – but I like the idea feet with paint –

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