The Artist’s Resume – How Much to Edit

Remember when you were first beginning your art career and building your resume?   Most of us were excited to be displaying our work in public and jumped at almost any opportunity – right?

gunpowder series 5×7

Well,  I am redoing my website, (in fact, this is my first post on my new blog!) and I have looked at my resume very closely.    What should you leave on and what should you take off?   I have spent the last several nights googling this and reading many blogs that address what to include in your list of exhibitions – which is the first part of the resume usually – do you agree?

The following is what I found most artists feel should be included in the resume:

  • Contact information
  • Education – if it is art related.  Artist residencies.
  • Awards and Honors – and include any cash prizes awarded
  • Solo Exhibitions – but if you only have one, but it in the “select exhibitions” schedule
  • Juried shows – can be a separate category – Show, Title, Gallery, City and State, Exhibition date – and juror (which unfortunately I didn’t keep)
  • Group exhibitions – this is where the editing really comes – do you want to include every show you had in a coffee shop?   I think it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.   I have changed this category to invitational shows, and decided to leave everything else out.
  • Bibliography – which is pretty much anything written about you.  Blogs and online press can be included if you are lacking in there.
  • and you can then include things that apply to you, like Related Professional Experience.  You can list talks you have given, demonstrations given, things like that.

gunpowder series 5×7

In looking around on the internet, I found several postings by galleriests what they were looking for.  Many of them say more than 4-6 events a year will scream “over exposure”, unless you are showing in places that are held in high regard.

Also, many don’t recommend including auctions you have donated too – UNLESS it carries curatorial weight.  Remember the work is usually only displayed for a few hours.

Also, many galleriest recognize the names of the many “pay to play” galleries out there, or vanity galleries.   Don’t bother including these – unless it is all you have!  Savvy gallery owners see through this ploy to make your resume appear larger.

So, I struggled with my resume – I only included solo shows, curated shows and invitational shows.  I did not include group shows where everyone that submits get in.  It isn’t complete yet, I still have to include groups I am in, publications I have appeared in – so I welcome any critiques!

I know this is a very subjective subject, and I know it can change from submission to submission, depending on what you are trying to achieve.   I welcome comments and ideas, agreements or disagreements!   I would love to hear other artists opinons.



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