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As the year of 2020 is behind us, I actually read less than usual, completing 79 books and over 24,000 pages.  I have broken the books into categories to see if there was any “trend” to my reading (the answer is “NO) – which I share at the end of the December books.  I read 9 books in December.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS AND WHAT ALICE FOUND THERE by Lewis Carroll – This was the book that I ended the year with – good choice because I haven’t read it in years. This is kind of a symbolic bookend as I read Alice in Wonderland earlier in the year!

SECRET LIVES OF GREAT ARTISTS – WHAT YOUR TEACHERS NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT MASTER PAINTERS AND SCULPTORS by Elizabeth Lunday – I’ve read this before and  very entertaining . My one complaint -. with little stories and vignettes highlighting 35 artists – only TWO of them are women!!!!!!

READER’S DIGEST BIOGRAPHIES – BEETHOVEN by Allan Pryce Jones – I actually found this on the bookshelf while cleaning out my books. I’ve read many biographies on Beethoven, but this made me want to pick up a very thorough one in 2021. In fact, in 2020, I learned several pieces of Beethoven on the piano – including on Sonata!

JAZZ BABY – by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Gregory Christie –  I got this for my grand-niece and couldn’t resist reading it myself. It is delightful – and the illustrator is a friend of mine – and he did the cutest inscription for me (actually for Lilly).

Jazz Baby

UNSEEN by Karin Slaughter – I picked this up book written by an Atlantan author from a Little Free Library. This particular one is set in Macon. a fun, but somewhat confusing read.

COP TOWN by Karin Slaughter –  This is set in Atlanta in the early 1970’s, so it was a fun read. Wow – Atlanta has changed alot since then!

DAILY RITUALS – HOW ARTISTS WORK by Mason Curry – Another reread and one I revisit. Some of the rituals are bazaar, but the most common ritual is daily walks!!!!  The author has another one now devoted entirely to women!

NAKED by David Sedaris – As always – Sedaris is hysterical. It is worth it to read through the entire book to get to the last story about his adventure in a Nudist Colony.

HOLIDAYS ON ICE – by David Sedaris – I should read this every year, because I had a tradition of seeing The Santaland Diaries play every year!!!!


Most of the books I read were actual rereads – 10 in all!

I read 6 classics, including a Hardee’s boy mystery. I read the complete Aesops Fables this year for the first time.

I read five books about animals; a pig, an octopus, a parrot, and if you count fables – walking and talking animals!

I read 5 children’s books

I only read three biographies in 2020 – Alice Roosevelt, Harriett Tubman and Beethoven.

AND – I started re-reading my favorite book in the world at the beginning of 2021 – THE SHADOWS OF THE WIND by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – which is the first book of the Cemetery of Forgotten books series.  Doesn’t it sound like a magical place??

What are you reading?



Vickie’s Studio

My house was built in 1975 and is very typical of houses  built in the United States at that time.  Luckily, it had a finished playroom in the basement.

What started out with a mishmash of stuff, like an old couch, book shelves, just  odd furniture.  When painting became more and more a part of my life, the room was gradually taken over.  Finally, about three years ago, we ripped up the carpet, got rid of all the furniture and took everything out of the room that was not art related.

Above, you can see the art table that was built  – it is 6 x 4 ft. with a shelf under neath.

the storage shelf

This table was built in the studio – it would have to be taken apart to get it out!  It is staying there as long as I’m here!

Ziggy, my mascot


drying patio

As you see, there is an exterior door in my studio. We built a small “drying patio” outside  – and I hope to expand upon it eventually.  Plant some flowers, get some garden furniture, make it a meditative garden!

viewing wall

I installed a metal strip to hang works up works in progress (with magnets), or place them on the shelf below.


another view

The flat file came from a gallery that was going out of business.  The book shelves were cleaned out of everything but collage material.

You may notice there are several chairs around the studio.  I am in a book club for artists that meets here monthly.  I’m also in a critique group that meets here periodically too!

I love the space – I believe the room is around 25×15 ft.  But, there are things on my wish list.  As I mentioned above, I’d like to make a meditative garden outside.  AND – someday I’m going to put a sink down there!!!

If you are ever in Atlanta, let me know – I love to have guests!