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My house was built in 1975 and is very typical of houses  built in the United States at that time.  Luckily, it had a finished playroom in the basement.

What started out with a mishmash of stuff, like an old couch, book shelves, just  odd furniture.  When painting became more and more a part of my life, the room was gradually taken over.  Finally, about three years ago, we ripped up the carpet, got rid of all the furniture and took everything out of the room that was not art related.

Above, you can see the art table that was built  – it is 6 x 4 ft. with a shelf under neath.

the storage shelf

This table was built in the studio – it would have to be taken apart to get it out!  It is staying there as long as I’m here!

Ziggy, my mascot


drying patio

As you see, there is an exterior door in my studio. We built a small “drying patio” outside  – and I hope to expand upon it eventually.  Plant some flowers, get some garden furniture, make it a meditative garden!

viewing wall

I installed a metal strip to hang works up works in progress (with magnets), or place them on the shelf below.


another view

The flat file came from a gallery that was going out of business.  The book shelves were cleaned out of everything but collage material.

You may notice there are several chairs around the studio.  I am in a book club for artists that meets here monthly.  I’m also in a critique group that meets here periodically too!

I love the space – I believe the room is around 25×15 ft.  But, there are things on my wish list.  As I mentioned above, I’d like to make a meditative garden outside.  AND – someday I’m going to put a sink down there!!!

If you are ever in Atlanta, let me know – I love to have guests!

9 thoughts on “M IS FOR MY STUDIO, THE A TO Z’S OF ART

  1. Robin Heim

    Not only do I think this is a great space, I love the fact that you are in both a art book reading club and a critique group! So cool. So smart! I know there are now a few of you in our Flying Lessons ecourse who live in Georgia — I see a trip forming in the future. 🙂

  2. Suzanne McRae

    I love your creative space and especially the size and spaciousness of your table. What a great idea. Love that you took over such a huge area of your home for your creative art space. So inspiring.

  3. Sue

    That table is amazing!! What a great idea that was, especially with the shelf underneath with everything right at hand. Love it! We should make a date to get together one of these days, it would be fun.

  4. Kandy Cross

    Love hearing about others’ studios.
    I will be writing a future blog post
    about the renovation of a much
    needed studio space which may
    appear sometime next year.
    I am so cramped in the shared
    current space ( office and studio)
    with my hubby. It will be exciting
    planning. I know you are happy with
    Also, my husband’s niece lives outside
    of Atlanta. Glad to hear from other
    East Coast Southern Fliers!

  5. vickiemartin Post author

    thank you for all your posts – my partner Joel made the table. I don’t uses the easels as much anymore! i’d love to get together with my Georgia flyers!

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