It seems everyone is so focused on their work and commitments, they have stopped playing. Do you think playing is a waste of time because the only goal is to have fun!

What is play? It is defined as taking part in an activity for enjoyment and recreation instead of for a practical purpose.

Why should we play?

  • It relieves stress and often triggers the endorphins that give us a sense of well-being.
  • It stimulates your mind. People have a tendency to learn more when they are having fun.
  • It improves learning skills. Playing board games or putting together puzzles challenges us and improves our memory.
  • It has been proven it increases social skills in children, why wouldn’t that apply to adults?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw

I dare you to go play! Make a list of what you liked to do as a kid. Make a bucket list of things you want to do.

Better yet, set a daily goal to play, set a minimum amount of time you will spend playing.

What can you do?

Learn a card trick

Play the Ukulele

Go Bowling

Play miniature golf

Go to a playground

Play with a dog – and if you don’t have one, many rescue groups need dog walkers. Talk to the dog while you are at it.

Put on some music and dance

Make a collage


Who doesn’t play? Studies have shown, mass murderers don’t play!

Playing helps us relax, it takes us away from the real world. Through playing we can be anything, an explorer, a time traveler, a ruler – there are no limits.

What do you do to play?





6 thoughts on “GO PLAY! SERIOUSLY

  1. Gillian

    I advise my business clients to be creative when they need to think of deas for a busness or new ways of grabbing attention for their business.
    People forget how to playand thus the ability to be creative in their thoughts as well as artistically.

  2. Julie Corbett

    I love this! Sometimes as I walk my dog through a park to give him some exercise, I enjoy stopping to “play” on the swings. It is extremely enjoyable. I find myself swinging like a young girl, humming to myself and smiling all the same. It does wonders for my mood!

  3. Deborah Weber

    Dahl was a wise one – and so are you for recognizing the value of play. Laughter and light-heartedness are wonderful gifts we can give ourselves, and play is the perfect entry way. I’m pretty sure my daily bubble-blowing ritual counts.

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