Based on a prompt received every day, I am taking part of a 15 day Blogathon sponsored by C4 in Atlanta.   Today – I’m actually going to answer some of the questions!

Where are you geographically?  First of all, let me say, thank you for asking. It is so much fun to read blogs and know where the writer is located.  I am in Decatur, Ga. – which is a few miles east of Atlanta.

What does your dream work environment look and feel like?  I’m pretty lucky as I have a pretty nice studio in my house. Of course, doesn’t everybody want it to be bigger? I’d like to eventually reconfigure it and have enough room to put a comfy armchair in it so I could read.  Here is a previous post with pictures of my studio.

Who supports your daily life as you make your creative work?  Again, I am lucky.  I am married to an artist, who is very supportive of me and my artwork. While I still work a day job – he is great at helping me take care of the house, cooking, the yard, and the dogs! Check out the website of Joel Conison – shameless plug for his Birds in Portraiture series.

How many hours to you spend creating?  I feel as I create most of the time. I may not actually be “doing” art, but I’m thinking and observing most of the time.

How many hours to you spend selling your work or managing the business end?  I work in the field of advertising, so marketing was second nature to me. It has taken a backseat for awhile, but I’m getting ready to gear up again, get back out in the artworld, meet new artists and see new art!

What do you do for recreation?  I read. I had a goal of reading 40 books this year, 40 books that I didn’t download for free that I read in a couple of hours. Today, on March 6, I have read 13 books, mostly biographies of artists right now. In fact, the one I just finished – Breakfast with Lucien made my jaw drop open. I kept reading passages about Lucien Freud’s outrageous life outloud to my husband Joel.

What do you do for inspiration?  Again I read. I look at art. I take walks. I talk to other artists.

Do you have any specific goals for this year?  Because the first quarter of each year is such a crazy time with my day-job, my goal is to make art more of a priority for the remainder of the year. I plan on getting my images organized.  I plan on reconnecting with the art community here in Atlanta and also internationally online. I would love to colloborate – possibly across disciplines.  Belog is an image from a collaborative project that came to be known at The High Project that I did a few years back.  This culminated in a performance at The High Museum of Art where we painted live while a dancer danced into our canvas.  Click here for a slide show


Most of all – I want to have fun with art.  I want to continue learning, listening and looking.


  1. Naomi

    It’s nice to learn more about you, Vickie! I think it’s wonderful that you and your hubby are both artists at heart. That must make it so much easier to understand each other.

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