My local library recently began a new program called SKILL SHARE, which is, in their words” brings together people willing to share their special knowledge and skills related to their hobbies and crafts through library-hosted workshops.” About six months ago I put in an application and was accepted to host a COLLAGE PARTY at a local library.  I led six wonderful adults through the art of collage and here are some of the results!


Getting ready to start!

Christine's collage

Anita’s collage


Christine finishes up!


“M”‘s lovely collage

Ruth finishes up a collage

Ruth finishes up a collage

I supplied all the materials and gave each participant a pre-cut mat so they were able to go home and put their finished artwork into a standard sized frame to hang and enjoy!

This was a fun evening and all six of the participants enjoyed it! They probably would have stayed longer if the library wasn’t closing!  I hope to do something like this again.  If you want to have a COLLAGE PARTY, contact me for specifics.


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