This blog is part of the Soaring Sisters monthly blog circle.  This month there are 14 women participating around the world – and each of us at posting about gratitude.  We are linked to each other, so after reading this – click HERE to read the post by Karrlin Bain.  This will begin your journey through the circle!

I decided to go through the alphabet with my gratitudes – so here goes.

ART – As Neitzche said “The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude”.

BEING ME – I have to admit, being thankful of being me was sometimes a struggle.  I had someone tell me about 20 years ago to have a love affair with myself!  One of the best pieces of advice I ever had.  Just remember, as Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself, everybody else is already taken”.

CREATIVITY – This is one of the things that makes this world a wonderful place and keeps it from getting boring.  Being creative means taking risks, looking at problem solving a new way.  In fact, this would be a good blog topic in the future.

DREAM – You have to dream it first, and if you pursue that dream, anything is possible.  

ERIN – my niece.  She is doing a remarkable job of taking care of my mother right now – and I am thankful for that every day!  

Mom and Erin

Mom and Erin

FRIENDS – new and old, and those I have yet to meet. 

GOD – need I say more?

HEALTH – this is something my family and I are blessed with.

INTERNET – it may seem a little lame, but without the internet I wouldn’t be writing this and connecting with women around the world.  

JOEL – my husband is an artist too.  He is supportive of my art and he gives great critiques. We have such a good time together.  He also takes good care of the dogs – what more could I ask for?

KNOWLEDGE – I am thankful I grew up in a country where education is compulsive.  I am thankful I have a lifelong desire to learn as much as I can.  

LAUGHTER – one of the sweetest sounds on the planet!

MUSIC – I am thankful I was instilled with a love of music at a young age.  I believe Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is the most  perfect piece of music ever written – and it always brings tears to my eyes when I hear it performed live (along with Rhapsody in Blue and Carmina Burana)

NIECE – along with Erin, it has been a pleasure to watch Mallory grow into a remarkable and beautiful young woman.



OPTIONS – I am glad I have options, or choices, in the decisions I make.

PARENTS – on the basic point, without them I wouldn’t be here.  However, I was taught at a very young age that we are all created equal.  That is something that has stayed with me, so thank you so my parents for teaching me that.  I’m not better than anybody and they aren’t better than me.

QUIET TIME – it took me A LONG time to learn this, but quiet time is important to having a healthy body, mind and soul.

READING – I love books as much as I love art – well, books are a form of art.  I read EVERY day and I’m glad I have a love for reading, which is knowledge and learning.

SUNRISE and SUNSETS – I’m thankful for every one I see.  It is another day to experience life.

TIME – it is your friend – you have to learn to use it.  I am glad I’ve learned that and know it is something to work on.

UNIQUE – I’m glad and thankful that I never strived to be like everybody else.  Maybe being left-handed and having red hair taught me early I was unique.  It is learning everybody is unique is important.

VISION –  I am thankful for having a vision of my life – it helps me overcome obstacles when times are tough.  Having a vision connects me with my passions to live life to the fullest

WONDER – I sincerely believe this is what keeps you young.  Wonder about everything – today my wonder was how and when traffic lights began – i’ll google that.

X – tough one –  I considered X-rays.  But I decided the letter X is unique and that is what makes the world go around.

YESTERDAY – without memories, where would we be?

ZIGGY – need I say more – i knew the minute I saw him – we belonged together.


ziggy and waylon

ziggy and waylon


what are you grateful and thankful for?

This is part of an international blog circle – I copied this from Karrlin Bain’s blog to complete the circle.

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12 thoughts on “THE ABC’s OF GRATITUDE

  1. Debbie Howard

    What a beautiful post! I loved reading your ABC’s! I think you figured out how to fix our blog circle by posting all the links! I think that is genius and am headed to my own blog to do just the same! Blessings to you this day and Happy Thanksgiving dearie!

  2. Sandy King

    Vickie this was just great. Honestly don’t you think this was a great topic for our November post.. Loved the way you used the alphabet. I think I might use this for my ‘ middle of the night ‘ gratitude list. And what a gift you are to your nieces XX.. They are lucky !
    Belated Happy Thanksgiving . XX

  3. Michelle

    Okay, I’ll admit…this is freakin’ awesome!!!! And Sandy, you have such a great idea of using this as a daily/nightly guideline for your blessings. I may just do that as well each day. LOVE this!

  4. Laly Mille

    Loved reading your ABC Vickie. V for vision especially got me thinking. I do have a vision, a dream for my life, and lately, because I’ve experienced some big disappointments and frustration, I’ve felt sort of bad about it, beating myself up thinking I should focus only on the present, not on dreams for the future. But you are right, having a vision keeps us moving forward. Thank you so much for that. xo Laly

  5. Amy Riddle

    Wow, Vickie! I am so in love with your post. It is just full of beautiful abundant gratitude. It’s so perfect. I want to read it again…and again…and again. So inspiring! <3

  6. Kathie Gadd

    What a wonderful way to reflect on gratitude but with the whole alphabet! There is a true challenge and you did a superb job! I’m planning a new Gratitude journal and this is a brilliant idea. xo

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