Yes, my word of the year is SIMPLIFY.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”  Hans Hoffman

What does this mean exactly?  One definition I found said “to reduce in complexity or extent”.  Another said “to reduce to fundamental parts”.

Last year my word was “RELAX”.  About halfway through the year, I realized how difficult it was to relax when so much was going on.  I was over committed, over stressed, and under organized.

So – what have I been doing to simplify?  It started out over the holidays.  I took in 4 boxes and 4 bags of clothes to SECOND LIFE THRIFT STORE – a thrift shop near by that helps to rescue animals.  I went through every room in the house and cleaned things up.  I even took 2 bags of canned food to a shelter!  Purging feels good!  It seems easier to take a deep breath now.

My new sacred space

My new sacred space

In cleaning out, I found a few things that I had put back and I was able to incorporate my new sacred space.  Everything on this table means something to me, from the deco fan lamp, to the bowl I purchased in Estonia, to the creativity cards to inspire me dailiy.

I have made a vow to no longer over commit.  I spent a fair amount of time unsubscribing to blogs I don’t read, leaving groups on Facebook that I joined as a favor to someone, basically, just cleaning up.

Tomorrow I’m going to simplify my diet for a week, simplify it right out of caffeine, sugar, gluten and alcohol for a week (or try to).  I’m going to eat simpler foods, as they are fresh and healthy and have less chemicals in them.  

I’m excited about the changes I am in the process of making.  I am not going to beat myself up if I slip up – I’ll just get back up, dust myself off and work at it again.

What is your word of the year?



  1. Deborah Weber

    Ah… I feel the delicious spaciousness of you word! And what a wonderful way to usher in your year-long journey – with a feel-good releasing of things. I love that you have a sacred space that is filled only with treasures – that’s beautiful. May 2014 unfold in perfect simplicity for you!

  2. Ruth Packard

    Thank you, Vickie, for reminding me of the importance of getting rid of what is not necessary. I tend to over plan and over commit. Sigh. I’m looking forward to your posts this year.

  3. Jean

    Simplify is such a powerful word! It can take the most complex of things and break it down into understandable bits. Thanks for sharing you post! My word for this year is Connection. May you find simplicity in all your endeavors this year, Vicki!

  4. Kelli Spencer

    I love the word simplify as that word has been my life for the last ten years or so. I even felt a calm presence while reading your post, so you must really be enveloping that word into your being. I love your space, and it serves to be a good reminder for me to clean off my desk, which has been on my mind for sometime now.
    Loved the post!! 🙂

  5. Naomi

    What an excellent word for the coming year. I aim to do that too… although you wouldn’t know it by my actions. Hmmm. I look forward to hearing more about your journey this year.

  6. Susan

    As I read your post Vickie, I realized how cleansing the New Year is…literally cleansing . It’s a time we use to take stock and relieve ourselves of so much baggage, emotional and physical. As all those thoughts went through my head I thought why limit to January? Maybe I could make this a seasonal thing. Or monthly thing. Or OMG, a DAILY thing.

    And maybe I will. But like you said, I won’t beat myself up if I slip up. Wise words…

  7. Tiffany

    I really like your word, and find it’s message similar to mine: BALANCE. I know the feeling when you have too many things going on to relax or enjoy them! Best of luck in some growth of your word. I think it’s time for me to do some spring… ahem winter cleaning as well.

  8. Harmony Harrison

    My word for this year is CREATE. But your post has inspired me — not to a new word, but to a sense of inner and outer spaciousness that I want to cultivate. Thank you for this!

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