AND, I’m not working through the book alone.  I’m working through it with over 60 women online worldwide.  Outside of the U.S., we have participants as far away as Burma, Australia,  and quite a few Canadians.  England is well represented, and we have participants from both Amsterdam and Paris. I am so excited to have found this group of women through another online class (Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons).

What is The Artist’s Way? Well, it is a book, and the full name is The Artist’s Way, a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity written by Julia Cameron.  The book is designed to be worked through in twelve weeks, but we have chosen to work through it in twelve months. It is based on the twelve step premise, and is meant to help you recover your artistic creativity.

Why am I doing this? I feel 2013 is going to be a great year, but that is only going to happen if I put in the work. But, I am ready this year!

What does this mean?

First of all, I will begin with the morning pages. In short, this is writing three pages each morning in longhand. It is important to remember, there is NO WRONG WAY to do this. Julia refers to them as daily meanderings. It is important to keep you hand moving.  Nobody else is supposed to read them, in fact Julia says not to read your own for the first eight weeks. Just write! Write whatever comes to mind, be it petty, be it a to-do list, be it just rambling thoughts.  I have to remember to just go with it. Now, I have worked through this book before and I have to admit I cheated.  I got a small book, so it didn’t take long to write the three pages. But – I was only cheating myself. I wasn’t fully committed. This time  I bought a loose-leaf notebook and plan on writing three full size pages on a daily basis. This will empty my head. I’m not going to worry about punctuation or spelling. And – I’m going to try to ignore my CENSOR (which takes practice).


The next important thing to do is an Artist Date. Treat your artist as a child, take the time to nurture your artist. I’m looking forward to exploring new things, be it seeing art, trying new things out, or experiencing new foods and tastes.  It is important you do this ALONE with your little artist. Once again, I cheated before. I would go gallery hopping with my friends, go to book clubs etc. I will still do that, but that is not a date with my little artist. I plan on spending time along with little Vickie.  

We have a road in Atlanta called Buford Highway. It is jam packed with restaurants from across the world. I have joked you could eat your way around the world without leaving this street. I’m going to make a point of trying new places, new tastes, while also checking out new art with just my little Vickie.

Each chapter is based  on something different, and I find alot of it is archeological – digging into your past, finding out what you used to like before adulthood got in the way.

Basically, the program is about removing blocks that you have in your creative life, learning to ignore that CENSOR, and learning to live in confidence!

I’m really looking forward to working through this with the support of this group of women. I think we will all learn from each other.  I’m ready to do the work this time – no cheating!!!!!!

If you have any thoughts on what you think will help this journey, leave a comment.



6 thoughts on “I’M DOING THE ARTIST’S WAY!!!!

  1. Amy Riddle

    I know I keep saying it…but it’s the truth! I AM SO EXCITED! I keep daydreaming about tomorrow…getting up and doing the morning pages..and then going downtown Asheville for some galleries. I love me time. I am happy I can take this journey with you!

  2. Chandra

    Great post! I am excited. I like how you write about what you did last time and how your going to change it to honor yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Renée Bekking

    How wonderful to read this Vickie. Last night on New Years Eve I read the introductions and the first chapter and I am so excited about all of this. This morning I started my 3 pages of things that popped in my mind. It was not easy I tell you. And like Julia predicted it is with negativity and nonsense. But it’s there. On paper. And I don’t have a special notebook yet so i just wrote it on 3 binder pages. I’ll paste that in my still to buy notebook.
    And I am looking forward to my Artist Date. Only I feel 2 hours a week is not enough. I am gonna try 2 hours a day! (yes, brave little words). I will be carrying a sketch book around with me starting tomorrow. Tomorrow it’s back to work again and I am fortunate to be finished every day at 1 P.M. Then, cycling on my way home I will stop and sketch. To practice and then when home get the colors out. I’ll give that a go for a few weeks see if i like it.
    And may I say what a wonderful street you have there. All those restaurants…. if I lived closer I certainly join you.
    Happy New Year Vickie. Wishing you a wonderful, creative, and loving 2013.
    big hug from Amsterdam (( ))

  4. becky in burma

    Hi Vickie! Thanks for this post and for also setting-up the group! Even though I bought the book a long time ago, I never got too far reading it…it will be good to start it this year!

    Thanks for helping to motivate us all!

  5. Andrea Wedell

    Hi Vickie,
    What a fabulous initiative to read the Artist’s Way with a group of women worldwide. I live in Paris, France and would love to join you ! I adore worldwide initiatives for creatives, it’s completely up my alley.
    I read the Artist’s Way only last year, despite having known about it for decades. I made an immediate habit of the daily pages which I continue and love, and I started the artists dates, but couldn’t keep them up because of a big work and travel crunch. But, just by reading your post, it confirms my desire to schedule some in in January when I really have the time.
    Thanks for this great post. Am just writing to do a list of the books that most influenced my artist in 2012.

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