Finding your tribe is first step in living a creative life. Call them what you want, your tribe, your posse, your clan, your family – just call them! Find them! These are the ones that will support you and want the very best for you. The right group will:









Did you know that geese travel 75% fast when they travel in packs? So, it stands to reason if you find your tribe you will gain momentum and reach your goals faster.

You can ask them to hold you accountable for your goals too (an accountability partner has worked for me – but she moved on – I need a new one!)

But, remember the word – RECIPROCITY. To really have a tribe you can trust, you have to give it back. You need to encourage, inspire – in short – cheer them on!

Find a mentor! Thomas Edison mentored Henry Ford. Thomas Jefferson mentored Lewis and Clark. Paul Robeson mentored Obama. Maya Angelou mentored Oprah. Woody Guthrie mentored Bob Dylan. Ralph Waldo Emerson mentored Thoreau. Warren Buffet mentored Bill Gates.

Where are you going to find your tribe, find your mentor? First of all, get out there, go out into the world! Keep trying! Take a class, go to events!

Be curious. Be brave. Make connections!

6 thoughts on “FIND YOUR TRIBE

  1. Deborah Weber

    Good first step Vickie. We definitely need our community of supporters and those who inspire. But equally true is the piece about reciprocity. We need to both give and receive to be in flow. And creativity is definitely all about flow.

  2. Julie Corbett

    A great post. I’m hoping I will meet my tribe in the 30-Day Blogging Challenge group! I’m new to blogging and I appreciate the encouragement, comments and answers to my questions. P.S. I’ll be your new accountability partner! 🙂 I need one too!

  3. vickiemartin Post author

    glad you found the 30-day blogging challenge – I go in spurts with blogging. If you are serious about being an accountability partner, send me a private message!!!

  4. vickiemartin Post author

    Reciprocity is something many forget about – especially in the social media world – you have to give to get! or at least I believe so!

  5. Nanette Levin

    What a different it makes, particularly for creative types who are also small business owners (it’s so easy to get into an isolated rhythm), when you apply teamwork to a task. For me, it always results in answers bigger and better than I’d imagined alone. Thanks for the reminder, Vickie, on how important this is.

    By the way, that City Emerging is an interesting piece. I wasn’t able to click to enlarge but will go looking for it elsewhere ;-).

  6. vickiemartin Post author

    The image is on my website – – and thanks for your thoughts!

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