Several weeks ago I was contacted by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) about participating in their annual fund-raiser, Jazz and Art from the Heart .  Many artists are approached with regularity about donating art for charity.  However, this was different.   The premise is to pair and artist and a child together – a child that has benefited from the services of CHOA – to create a piece of artwork that will be auctioned at the fund-raiser, held in September at the Bill Lowe Gallery.  I was immediately intrigued.

These pictures are me working with Catie Claire on a piece of art to be donated.  It was great fun for an afternoon, but not being a teacher, I learned a few things to keep in mind in the future.

My idea was to have Catie Claire over (nicknamed Cake) to look through my artwork and we would decide how to go from there.  Because I work in layers – I thought we’d start with three pieces and see how they were progressing.
Back to Catie Claire – her mother sent me information about her, but I didn’t totally understand it.  I do know she spent the first 4 years of her life in and out of CHOA, even had open heart surgery during that time.   Right now – she is a healthy ten-year catching up on those lost years.
Well – I realize my idea about the initial collaboration was not the best idea when dealing with a 10 year old.   She wanted to do this – she wanted to do that – and it was fun letting her try all of it.  In retrospect, I should have started a piece and had her put on the finishing touches on it.  After all, I do work coffee into my paint often, which she had great fun doing.  I do splatter paint with rubber bands and spray them with paint watered down in plastic bottles.   All of these things are great fun, both to me and a 10-year old (what does that say about me?).  But, having a clear cut direction would have given me the chance to teach her “less is more”.
This is the piece I  plan on completing for this – I have put another couple of layers on it – and integrated some collage into it with things Catie Claire loves, like music and dance.  
Because she is getting ready to go back to school, seeing her doctors to check her out, etc. I don’t know if she will make it back over here to finish it.   But if she can come – I know which direction to go in now.   

Here we are comtemplating our next move!

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