I have felt a little blocked lately.  Maybe it is because my studio looked lik this!



So, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work on it.  When I was finished, it looked like this:



So, the inspiration came!  After a day in my studio, I had accomplished the following.

A day's Work

A day’s Work

I worked on 4 large paintings, two are almost complete, and six small pieces. All in all, a Good Day!  After this, I took a brisk walk and I found this on the side of the road – a nice weather beaten newspaper that will perfect for a collage someday.

collage material

collage material

What did you accomplish this weekend that you are proud of? By the way, when I finished working in my studio, I cleaned it up to start again.








  1. Michelle

    WOW! What a great space you have for all those paintings. You’ve inspired me to do put this on my to-do list for tomorrow. This weekend was alot of fun as I prepare for a big Etsy reveal that’s been a year in the making. That newspaper looks like alot of fun. Be sure to share what you create with it.

  2. Lisa Rivas

    Came running over to see what happened, and a lot was going on! That studio was shining, illuminated with creative energy and I could almost smell it.
    All in one day, I’m impressed, what an inspiration you are! Thanks for showing.
    I myself have been on the clean up, purging, and painting walls. It does feel good. Also went to the Plant & Flower Show at the Fairgrounds with my 86 year old neighbor Zelma.
    Have a great week!

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