As part of the C4 blogathon, todays prompt is to list five goals to achieve in the next 30, 20 or 10 years, goals to achieve in the next five years and goals for the next 12 months.  I’m going to approach it a little differently because I have a few major goals in each category.

Goals for the next 12 months:  First of all, this has been a trying year. My mom is getting older and at times forgetful. I found out on New Year’s Eve someone had ordered a debit card from her bank and proceeded to make regular withdrawals. Also – a couple of her credit cards have been compromised. So – one of my major short term goals is to get all of this straightened out, become her power of attorney, get her will revised (she did it in 1987), and in short – become the parent of my family.  On top of that, I work full time in advertising. This is the busiest time of the year and this year is the craziest it has ever been.  So, another goal is to set and stick to priorities with my family. 

I have a couple of lighter goals – I want to be able to touch my toes – basically get back in shape. Also, my word of the year was “simplify”, I’m on a path to make my life more sustainable – but I have to work on the organization more and I don’t want “things” anymore, I want to live a “life”.  (I don’t keep my books anymore, I sell them back on Amazon now – and trust me – I am a reader!)

I will have the images of my work organized.

I will blog regularly.

I will journal regularly.

I will get back into the local art scene – I’ve been a little absent lately. I’m on the board of directors for the Women’s Caucus for Art in Georgia, but basically, I am organizing the book club – so I want to get more involved.

In five years, I no longer want to have to work in an office.  Case in point, I missed yesterdays blog because I didn’t get home until 8P and worked a little more. It is now 9P, and I just checked my emails from work. So – can you tell? I can’t continue doing this. I plan on going to a financial adviser and getting on a 3-4 year plan.  With that, I will have a steady income from my art world. I have this “dream” to teach on-line classes. I don’t have this idea solidified, I don’t even know what I want to teach right now, but I do know I love connecting with people across the universe with the same interest in art.  (Currently I’m trading collage materials with people across the globe, what fun to get stuff from Iceland and Sweden in the mail.)

I plan on going on a fabulous art-retreat, I have researched Berlin, and also there is a teacher in Maine that I’m interested in.  

When I accomplish this, the rest will fall into place. 

In closing, yesterdays prompt was sharing a favorite work of ours – so I thought I’d sneak an image in here.

Spring moon ©vickie martin

Spring moon
©vickie martin


7 thoughts on “WHAT’S NEXT?

  1. Hallelujah Truth

    Vickie! I admire all of your personal and professional goals! What a challenge you have right now in assisting your mother and managing a challenging job. I know that making art keeps me sane and I can tell how much you love being an artist and being connected to other artists. I’m so glad we are getting a chance to know each other through this C4ward March Blogathon. By the way, I had a physical today and the doctor told me I must exercise every day for 30 minutes. I share a need to be better fit.

  2. Helen DeRamus

    Thanks Vickie for sharing your goals. An art retreat sounds so wonderful and I look forward to hearing about where you decide to go. Hope your goal of making art full time comes true as soon as you want.

  3. Callahan McDonough

    Vickie, actually a very inspiring post for me, including some of the Mom issues. Love that you are intent on having a ‘life’ v.s. ‘stuff’ consuming your life. I think this another ditto for me and most of us. Much appreciate the opportunity to get better connected to through this 15 day blogathon. TGIF baby, have some fun this weekend.

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