Dress Code

There is a language of clothing and every dress tells a story. Working with layer upon layer, I expose things hidden by scraping top layers off, or melt layers together by using fire. Even though the dress is disembodied, it seems to move in a space of it’s own. A dress is worn not only to protect the wearer from the universe, but it often defines individuality. The many layers are symbolic of both the psychological and the physical layers today’s women carry with them.

Rhythm of the Universe

The universe is infinite and endless exploration is possible. The pieces are worked on simultaneously as layer upon layer is added, using a variety of materials, ink, graphite, pencil, oil sticks, crayons and charcoal. In utilizing the organic nature of the circle, planets began to form. When that happened, new solar systems were born complete with space, planets and moons.


FROM DESTRUCTION COMES BEAUTY - all collages include paper that has been burned by gunpowder COMPOSERS - series based using elements of music CITYSCAPES - pieces begin with collage to create a citiscape and painted back on top