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IT”S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!!!! Goal Setting for 2011

Now that 2010 is almost behind us, I’ve been thinking long and hard about moving forward in all aspects of my life in 2011.   While 2010 yielded some great opportunities, they came at a price, which resulted in a great amount of stress.   After alot of thought, I plan on approaching the next year a little differently.   Here are some of my goals:

BLOGGING – I want to have a semi-structured calendar to send out blogs. I realize now I  approach writing a blog as a huge event!  Shouldn’t I  carry a notebook around  (which I have tried to do before) and make an effort to record some random ideas and thoughts I have?  I’m going to try to post  new work regularly, review books I have read (maybe a blog on the Steve Martin book An Object of Beauty will be next), and maybe have a guest blogger or two!
I plan on reading and commenting on more blogs in the future.  Commenting on a blog is like leaving your business card around town, just that you are leaving it on the internet.

WEBSITE – Sadly, my website was not updated in 2010.  I need to update my website quarterly.  I’ve made notes and written ideas, but never followed through.  I have photographs of all my artwork, but they are on discs sitting next to my computer.  What good is that doing anybody?

NEWSLETTER – One thing I accomplished in 2010 is learning how to use Constant Contact.  I want to learn more!   My goal is to send out a newsletter on a bi-monthly basis (starting with a holiday newsletter prior to the end of the year), and I want to expand my email list by a minimum of 150 people in 2011.

INVENTORY – I have investigated several inventory options, and over the holidays I’m going to start recording my work.  This way I will  know where every piece of art I have made is at any given time.  I also want to keep better track of the materials that go into each piece, therefore giving every piece a unique story to share.

SUBMIT – There are several websites out there that feature artists, or publish articles written by artists.  This is something I plan on investigating and finding the right fit for me.

MISCELLANEOUS – I want to learn to use the video on my camera, duh!  I will try a new art technique every month – and top of the list is experimenting with burning paper using unique things such as gunpowder, hot wax or incense.

INVOLVEMENT:  I am a member of the Women’s Caucus of Art in Georgia, the Atlanta Collage Society, and a past member of the Atlanta Artist Center.  I want to do more than just pay my dues!

PERSONAL GOALS:  I will make exercise a part of my life.  I will also begin journaling (this goes back to carrying a notebook to record those random ideas).  Other things include eating healthier, meditating, and getting organized.

I grew up with the belief that what you do on New Year’s Day is what you will do for the remainder of the year.  Because of that belief, I have a tradition of tying up loose ends the week before New Years, cleaning out drawers, closets, filing, etc.  That leaves me able to do my favorite things on New Year’s Day -be it reading, painting, exercising – the list can go on and on.  I feel this is a positive approach to begin a new year!

Thanks fo Alyson Stanfied, The Art Biz Coach,  I know what I will blog about before the end of the year – my accomplishments in the past year, which she suggested in this recent blog.


2010 is the year I want to move forward in my art career business. To help facilitate this, i have begun working with art advisor Aletta De Wal with Artist Career Training throughout the year. I am learning to set up a foundation upon which to build my business. This involves going back and setting up a database to build a mailing list and to track my artwork, as well as getting a business license and separate bank accounts, the list goes on and on!

However, this month’s exercise is one of the most important steps an artist will take in their artistic career – developing a “signature style”. To do this, you have to have a body of work and assess the direction your art is taking. Luckily, I have continued taking part in critique groups, as well as taking classes and workshops. Through this, I saw a style emerging that differentiates my work from others. No matter what series of paintings or drawings I’m was working on, I began seeing pieces that were heavily layered, with details that emerge upon closer inspection. I was experimenting with different mediums, which further gave my pieces a “story” (i.e. using salt, of coffee and tea and why).

Now, it is time to perfect and expand this style.

To do so, I approached my friend and fellow artist Lance Carlson to take part in an exercise. I feel my work is very different from Lance’s, but because we use similar techniques, we have found our work very compatible to show together. Is it too compatible??? To answer this question and see if our styles are our “signature” individually, we have set up an exercise.

We are both going to create a series of 10 works, measuring 12×12 each on 100 lb Lenox paper. The theme of our personal series is music. We have given ourselves roughly a month to complete this task. At that point, we are going to mix them up and show them to our friends in the Shadowline Artist Group. We’ll see if they are able to discern my pieces for Lance’s!

Now – I have to figure out how to incorporate my “signature style” into my collages, etc. Please leave your comments about your journey in developing a signature style!