Spring Moon 24×36 on canvas

Now you have a place to call your own.   But, do you want it to be like everybody else’s?   Even if it is just a room, an apartment, or a recently purchased house, don’t you want your surrounding to reflect who you are?   I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my surrounding to look like it came out of an Ikea catalog.   Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I’ve always surrounded myself with furniture and accessories that I felt were unique to me.

Which brings me to the first reason to buy original art – you are purchasing something that is unique to you, it is a one of a kind piece.   It is as unique as you are – there is not another one exactly like it in the world, just like you are one of a kind!

The remainder of the reasons are in no particular order.

You have found something that gives you pleasure, it moves you aesthetically, or moves you on a sensory level.   This gives you a personal connection to the pieces, a connection only you have with it!

You also are supporting an artist and allowing the artist to continue to create.   And, you are probably supporting a small business owner.   If you are buying from a local artist, or from a local gallery, you are supporting the local economy.

Don’t be afraid to buy original art.    It doesn’t have to be as difficult or as expensive as many people believe it to be.   Most galleries are happy to talk to you about their pieces, and there are many places that carry small pieces that aren’t that expensive.   I myself have ornament sized paintings that I sale for under $50, and many purchasers have returned to purchase larger pieces.   And, if you do buy an original piece from a gallery, most artists are happy to talk to you about the pieces.

So, unless you want your home to look like everybody else’s, search our original art in your local area, check out art festivals, check out co-ops.   There is plenty out there!


  1. Kim Hambric

    I most definitely agree! When you purchase an original, you also purchase the energy that went into creating that piece. It is not a product, it is a bond between you and the artist whether you know the artist or not.

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