I am in day six of a 10-day Detox.  That’s 10 days without caffeine, sugar, alcohol, meat, dairy, soy and processed foods.  But – it is 10 days with FRESH WHOLE FOODS!!!! This is my 2nd one this year, and I can say it really makes a difference. So – since my word of the year is SIMPLIFY, I took a day this week and cleaned out my pantry and refrigerator. Along the way I decided to stop using plastic containers all the time. This is my before picture!


Pantry Before

Pretty much a mess – kind of embarassing it got this bad!  So – I proceeded to take EVERYTHING out. I checked the dates on all my spices, threw away the beef broth (I haven’t eaten red meat in months!) threw out all opened food and got rid of everything I no longer eat. Well, I am not the only person living here, so a few things stayed.   After filling SIX bags of trash (this included what was in the refrigerator too), and beginning the conversion to using glass containers, this is the result.


What crazy things did I find? I found three containers of tumeric, two containers of cinnamon, expired red pepper, two bags of flour (and I rarely bake), Morton’s Salt.  I also had multiple produce bags in a drawer below filled with nuts.  So I remembered I had a labeler I’d never used, so I went to town making labels and putting everything into clearly marked glass jars. This felt SO GOOD.

So – on to the refrigerator.  After shopping for the detox – I just crammed everything in the refrigerator.


refrigerator before

At this point, I did a little research and found How-To Store Fruits and Vegetables from the Berkeley Farmer’s Market.  It was subtitled TIPS AND TRICKS TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR PRODUCE WITHOUT PLASTIC. I looked at all the expiration dates and tossed out some mustard and other things like bar-b-que sauce.  Now – my refrigerator looks like this:


refrigerator after

Gone are all the plastic produce bags. Gone are all the rubber bands.  Yes, there is still a plastic container in there, but that has individually portioned vegetables that we add into the dogs food daily.

All of this makes it all seem more appetizing. In doing this – I repurposed a few things that are now in my art studio.


new purpose

Here you see plastic containers that I can use to store things in my studio, Morton’s salt that I use for texture and also as an abrasive, and the plastic containers food comes in that i have long used instead of a palette.  I was so proud of myself, I went and bought myself a present!



What should I clean out next?  It is amazing when you purge like this – how light and invigorated you feel. – it brings a kind of clarity.

I’m ready to clean out the bathroom, my closets (which I did recently) and then my studio!  But – instead, today I am enjoying some fresh juice, a salad and a book on the deck and listening to the trains in the distance.



What have you done to purge and how did you feel?





  1. Suzanne

    You are doing an awesome job with the detox, and spring cleaning… but not only that inspiring others to do the same. Loved your post Vickie. I just shopped today in preparation to get back on “The Plan – by Lyn-Genet Recitas” on Monday.

  2. Jean

    Vickie, my dear friend, I think there is something in the air… or maybe the opportunity just presented itself?

    With my husband in hospital and knowing that I would be responsible for his recovery and keeping him well fed, I took the opportunity to do much the same thing. Since he’s been home, he’s not had much of an appetite but that won’t stop me. I refuse to go back to eating and feeding junk to us. I cannot stomach how easy it is, for the sake of convenience, to eat things that poison us. So… this is part of my new paradigm for this year and the years to come… not only good food but using herbs and spices to flavor things without relying on prepared sauces that contain loads of… well, you know. *wink*

    What you’ve done looks amazing and will help you feel so good the longer you embrace this lifestyle. Much love to you! ♥

  3. vickiemartin Post author

    thank you Jean – once you get started it isn’t that hard – and the payoff is pretty quick. I think this is a great time of the year to start a shift – fresh food is just much more appetiizing right now.

  4. Debbie Goode

    Spring is in the air……I’ll be getting started on my ‘spring clean and fling’ once we arrive back in Indiana! You have done an outstanding job….congratulations!

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