A souvenir is from the French, for a remembrance of a memory. Are you like most people and just stick them in drawers or in albums?

However, there is a way to enjoy them and share them with your friends.  Below is an example of a collage I did for my niece. She kept all her ticket stubs through the years.


Mallory's ticket stubs ©Vickie Martin

Mallory’s ticket stubs ©Vickie Martin

This collage was placed in a memory box, which allowed me to layer the tickets and make them more visible.  If you look closely, you will see a ticket stub from The Rolling Stone, one from a concert in Europe, and even the wrist band from a live taping of Conan O’Brien!  Can’t you just imagine one of tickets from major sporting events adorning a man cave?

A collage can be made using souvenirs of a major event or a trip. Here is one made from my niece’s year spent in Europe.


mallory_collageIn it you will find souvenirs from Ireland, England, Paris, Germany, Spain and Italy (organized based on the map). 

How about a collage made from memories? My father rebuilt pianos. Here is a collage I made based on that, using some of his notes on piano tuning. When I see this, I have wonderful memories of my father in the basement happily working on pianos.

Dad's Music ©Vickie Martin

Dad’s Music
©Vickie Martin

Do you have “stuff” stuck in drawers. Most of the time, this “stuff” means something to you. Get it out! I would love to help you put it in a form that can easily be displayed and shared!  Contact me at





8 thoughts on “SOUVENIR COLLAGES

  1. Harmony Harrison

    What fun! I love the piano collage, especially since you shared how happy your father was tuning pianos. The love in that collage feels gentle and ephemeral — but very real.

  2. Ruth Packard

    I, too, love the piano collage! I love random order!

    All of my stuff is affectionately put into my “Junque Journal” ! In fact, I teach a workshop on how to turn a composition notebook into this memory album.

  3. Kelly L McKenzie

    What a brilliant idea to make a collage out of the tickets. Really clever. I scrapbook and really appreciate the hours of work you have put in to make these. Your family is very lucky!

  4. Debbie

    Love these heartfelt masterpieces. Really, really love the piece you made for your dad! Inspired to learn more about collage – started a Kelly Rae Roberts mixed media class! Let the learning begin! Thanks for the inspiration!

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