Ziggy and Joel

Ziggy and Joel

It’s hard to believe that cute little dog could do this to my notes. Ziggy literally ate my notes on my blog.


Those are notes I made after hearing a story on NPR about the new exhibit at the High Museum of Art here in Atlanta!!  The exhibit is Frida & Diego, Passion, Politics and Painting, which I am looking forward to seeing.  This is the only stop in the United States and apparently close to 25% of Frida’s paintings are on view.

I had looked up and found some interesting tidbits about the two of them that I was going to share – but alas, you see what happened to them.

So – back to the drawing board.

Lesson learned?  Apparently Ziggy thinks anything on the bed belongs to him!

11 thoughts on “MY DOG ATE MY BLOG

  1. Ruth Packard

    Vickie, At least you can say Ziggy has good taste! I scrapbooked one of our son’s high school papers. The teacher greatly apologized when she returned it because her dog had eaten his homework!

    Looking forward to your post about the exhibit!

  2. Vickie Martin

    Ziggy was born in a shelter, but somehow he has a BIG personality that entertains us constantly – and I can’t wait to see the exhibit – waiting for the opening crowds to die down a little. I plan on being there some day the moment they open their doors!!!! I’m hoping they have a few days they open an hour early for members – they have done that before.

  3. Janet

    Vickie–not fun, good you can laugh about it. Those furry angels . . . I, too, look forward to hearing about your experience at this exhibit.

  4. Sheila Skillingstead

    My dog Sarah loved to eat pencils which meant an operation. I told the girls that we couldn’t afford a second operation. They were careful not to leave the pencils around. She loved to eat paper but paper wasn’t dangerous.

  5. Michele Bergh

    That is so funny. I’m sorry he ate your notes and perhaps it was a message you didn’t need those notes 🙂 I bet everything you need is right inside of you!

  6. Tina

    I think it was your mere writing about the Passion between Frida and Diego that drove Ziggy nuts! 🙂 And I agree with Michele… you probably have all of that within you. PLUS you got a second blog out of it… the one that I’m reading right now. 😉

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