As part of the 15 Day BLOGATHON with C4 Atlanta, I thought I’d just repost a blog I wrote earlier in the year, as I’m a day late:

I have spent some time this year being quiet and listening for my muse. To help her communicate with me, I spent some time and made myself a sacred space in our guest room.  I thought I’d share some pictures of this, as well as my big sacred space, my studio!

P1200085_1372This little space makes me happy.  The little plate was a gift brought from Israel. I have several fortunes laid out on it. I love my little pen holder that is a can of the Campbell’s tomato soup that Target had for awhile to commemorate Andy Warhol. The table covering belonged to my mother-in-law.

Now – for some pictures of my studio.  P1200079_1366

One of the advantages of being married to an artist is he understands what I need.  He made me the 4×8 foot table, complete with a shelf underneath.  I keep all my paint there, easy to get to and close by.  The chairs on the left came from a drug store going out of business – they are the little chairs that are in virtually ever pharmacy it seems.  The large book case was made out of wooden shipping crates and contains primarily collage material.  The flat files on the end came from a gallery that was liquidating.  The door leads to this:


My own little patio that I use for drying. In the spring, I plan on “prettying” it up a little.

P1200083_1370I also want to invest in a “drying” bench!!!!

One nice feature that was added was railing, as well as a metal strip that works with magnets. This is great for hanging things up to decide what to do next.


I had a sink installed right outside my studio next to the heater – that has saved me so much time!

P1200084_1371Here is another view of the studio


I slipped in these pictures of my grandniece Lexi and grandnephew Breyden enjoying an afternoon down there.

Oh – the one thing I forgot to photograph – my collection of gunpowder – yes – I use gunpowder in paintings.

There are things I want to do at some point – but overall I think it is great to have such a great functioning space in my house!




8 thoughts on “MY SACRED SPACES

  1. Ruth Packard

    Thank you for our virtual tour! I would love to have a sink nearby but my art loft is upstairs where there is no plumbing…unless you count my gallon jug of water!!

    I think I may have to use your idea of the metal strip with magnets. Thanks so much for that idea!

  2. Sue

    Vickie- love seeing your work spaces and how you’ve set your studio up. I’m always looking for a good layout. What do you use for lighting? Do you have much natural light. And what a great idea with the magnetic strip to hang your work!

  3. Amy Putkonen

    This is very inspiring. My “studio” is my dining room at the moment! How wonderful to have a space dedicated to your artwork. I also love the magnet strip. I have never thought of doing that!

  4. vickiemartin Post author

    Sue i do get daylight – there are windows across one well, and I have 2 ceiling lights with fans – and a daylight table lamp. I can’t remember where I saw the magnetic strip – but it made an impresion on me – but i use the little ledge more – it is a deep chair rail and you can put painting on it. I guess i use it more because I work in canvas more than paper

  5. suzi

    wow this space looks so productive and creative. I do like the separate small Muse meeting room, very nice idea. Thank you for sharing, it’s always lovely to see into sacred creative spaces. 🙂

  6. vickiemartin Post author

    i love my magnetic strip and little shelf – a chair rail will work for the shelf!

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