MOM’S RECIPES #3 – Barbecue Chicken

Today I am sharing mom’s recipe for Barbecue chicken. It’s not just any barbecue chicken, it is


Viva Italiano!

The recipe can either be grilled or baked. We baked it the other night, and it was delicious! Extremely moist. I added a generous amount of garlic to the recipe and also put onions on the top (which is apparently a very Southern, or a very Martin thing to do – not sure which).

A very simple recipe, you probably already have many of the ingredients on-hand. There are only FIVE ingredients, not counting the chicken and the pepper! And, one of those ingredients is optional! Download your copy here.

Here is a picture of mom and I cruising Italy’s Lake Como. We were on our way to the restaurant Locanda Deli’Isola Comacina – the menu hasn’t changed since 1947! What an experience, what an afternoon! It was over a three hour lunch!

This restaurant has been referred to as one of the most beautiful restaurant locations in the world.

If you cook this – let me know!

3 thoughts on “MOM’S RECIPES #3 – Barbecue Chicken

  1. Nina

    Wow, amazing memory. I’m a little confused by the recipe. It says season the chicken with the paper. Pepper? Also, simmer the sauce – do you mix all the ingredients but the pepper into the spaghetti sauce or am I simmering spaghetti sauce alone? Can I use cut up chicken breasts, thighs? Bone-in, i hate cutting up a whole chicken, cutting through bone makes me gag.

  2. vickiemartin Post author

    I changed it to make it somewhat clearer – and it was season with pepper. Simmer all ingredients except the pepper. And yes, you can use cut-up chicken. Many of these recipes are pretty old, and I try to adapt them – but I try to keep the spirit there. I always buy cut-up chicken and I generally use boneless.

  3. Kelly L McKenzie

    Oh now you’ve reminded me of a similar recipe that my late husband used to whip up. I haven’t thought of it in years. This looks delicious, Vickie. I’ll make it. Soon. And will report back. Thanks for all the tips, too.

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