Mar’s Rising 36×48
I have always thought of the Decatur Art Festival  as the beginning of the summer!   It does, after all, take place Memorial Day weekend wich the Decatur Art Walk  kicking the festivies off.   Taking place on Friday, May 25 from 5-10P, many business in downtown Decatur will feature artists.  Because of my represention at The Seen Gallery, I was invited to display my work at the Cook’s Warehouse, located on Ponce De Leon Avenue.  In fact, the pieces featured above will be on display on Friday night.
Decatur has managed to keep it’s small town atmosphere, while tapping into the sophistication of being part of a major metropolitan area as well as being a college town.
Some facts about Decatur:
1.  Emory University, Columbia Theology School and Agnes Scott College are both located in Decatur
2.  Decatur is older than Atlanta – founded in 1822
3.  It was founded at the crossroad of two Native American trails.
4.  When the Western and Atlantic railroad wanted to make Decatur the southernmost stop on their line, the citizens of Decatur said no, and Atlanta was founded 6.2 miles Southwest. 
5.  And, most importantly, Decatur is my home!
So, come out on Friday and enjoy a leisurely walk around the Decatur square,   Be sure to stop into The Cook’s Warehouse and say hello!

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