IN AND AROUND ATLANTA – October Blog Circle

Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta Skyline

I am part of a monthly blog circle with women across the globe.  Each month we write about the same topic and link to each other.  This months topic is to write about where we live – and I love Atlanta, in fact, in the past I have given historical tours of The Fox Theater, which is one of the few remaining atmospheric theaters in the United States, as well as the Druid Hills neighborhood, which is where the movie Driving Miss Daisy was filmed.  

First of all, Atlanta is much more than Gone With The Wind.  However, the most common complaint I hear about Atlanta is there isn’t anything old here.  There is a reason for that.  First of all, Atlanta is a young city, it wasn’t incorporated as a city until 1847.  So – a mere seventeen years later, we had a visitor that was extremely careless with fire.  In fact, General William T. Sherman destroyed 70% of the buildings  What many people don’t realize, there was “The Great Fire” in 1917, which left 100,000 people homeless, burned almost 2000 buildings and covered 300 acres.  So – it is not coincidence that the symbol for Atlanta is the mythological Phoenix, which rose from the ashes!

What should you do here?

First of all, EAT!  Atlanta is foodie heaven!  And, there is more than Southern food served here.  However, if you want to eat good Southern food, and people watch, check into The Colonade, a better than average meat and two that was established in 1927 and still thriving.

Typical meat and 2 meal

Typical meat and 2 meal

However, Atlanta is home to some of the best ethnic cuisine around.  Most cities have neighborhoods, like Little Italy and Chinatown in New York.  However, we have Buford Highway, which runs for 30 miles from Atlanta’s Lenox Road to the city of Buford.  On this stretch, it is possible to eat your way around the globe without leaving the road.  You will find Mexican taquerias, regional Chinese cuisine, Korean barbeque, Vietnamese pho parlors, Maylaysian, Filipino and Indonesian food – and this is just for starters. You find places where you can barbeque at your own table, drop an raw egg into sizzling soup, eat out of a pot – the choices are endless.  If you are up for an adventure, this is the place!Main Image-thumb

And, there is always the ART.  I decided to concentrate on Atlanta’s public art, starting with the Krog Street Tunnel, which is known for it’s ever changing street art.


There is also the annual event, The Living Walls, The City Speaks. This is an all volunteer event that has produced over 100 walls by over 85 local and international artists in the city.  This is like a scavenger hunt, traveling through the city and spotting walls painted throughout, many on abandoned buildings.  

One of my favorite walls in Virginia Highlands

One of my favorite walls in Virginia Highlands

There is also The Beltline, a comprehensive, sustainable project that uses 22 miles of abandoned railroad corridors that connects 45 neighborhoods in Atlanta.  Check HERE for some information about the art on the Beltline.

If you find yourself in Atlanta and need to make some quick cash, you can always be an extra in one of the television or movies being shot here. Atlanta is becoming known at the Hollywood of the South.  Examples are:  Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Dumb and Dumber II, Mockingjay, Identity Theft, Parental Guidance, Flight – the list goes on and on.  

And, where do the stars go to relax?  I seems as if everybody has been heading to The Clermont Lounge, the oldest continually operated strip club in Atlanta (since 1965).  In fact, Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games) referred to it as a strip club for the elderly on Jay Leno.  See a clip here from Anthony Bourdain’s Layover show at the Clermont Lounge interviewing Atlanta staple Blondie.  In fact, the international band Mumford and Son recently got kicked out of the lounge.  Click HERE to read what happened.

There is so much to tell about Atlanta, but I’ll leave it with this today.  I have compiled a list of interesting facts about Atlanta that follows.

Two Nobel Peace Prizes live within the city limits, do you know who won them?

The first air conditioned department store was in downtown Atlanta

Atlanta is home to the world’s largest aquarium

The first coca-cola was sold here in 1886

Dorothy Alexander Concert Group opened in 1929 – who went on to become the Atlanta Ballet, making it the nation’s first regional ballet company

The Atlanta University is the nation’s oldest black university (founded in 1865) and is the forerunner of Morehouse College

Techwood Homes as the first publicly funded housing project in the United States

The Varsity Restaurant, a drive-in restaurant across the interstate from Georgia Tech, serves more Coca-Cola annually than any other place, 3 million servings a year.

The Atlanta Airport is larger than 45 football fields

The Peachtree Road Race, run on July 4th every year is the largest 10k race n the world.

Back to the “fire” – Atlanta is the only city in North America that was destroyed by fire as an act of war.

I hope you enjoyed your brief trip around Atlanta, there is alot more to see and do here!  Follow the blog circle to Robin Heim’s blog.   Also check out Amy Riddle’s blog about fall in Asheville!







9 thoughts on “IN AND AROUND ATLANTA – October Blog Circle

  1. Sandy King

    Oh Vickie this was fabulous .. Reading what you wrote made me realize all the things I missed out talking about in my world !! You did a beautiful job showcasing your community .
    A pleasure to read. Makes me want to come visit .

  2. vickiemartin Post author

    well – I got a little off track and didn’t showcase “fall” here – but Atlanta has alot going here – and I love to show it off – so if you ever make it here – let me know!

  3. Michelle

    Nana and I took a trip there to visit my Great Aunt a few years ago. Next time I visit, I will be sure to take my time and enjoy all the region has to offer! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tiffany

    Living in Alabama, I know oh so well how great Atlanta is! We do a spartan race there every year and it nds up being the place we travel for concerts and other fun. I’d love to live in a bigger place like that. The 10k you mentioned may be a good race to do in the near future.

  5. Vickie Martin

    thanks for all your comments – come on over – I love to give tours of Atlanta! Tiffany – the 4th of July race fills up FAST – get on the mailing list for the Atlanta Track Club so you can get in early when the registration is open! There is also a Thanksgiving Marathon I believe.

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